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INTECH's pultruded grating is offered in three resin formulations in order to best match the requirements of specific application, namely;

Vinylester (VE)
Developed for reliable performance in the harshest chemical environment, the most chemically-resistant recommended today, offering outstanding resistance to a wide range of highly corrosive environments, ranging from caustic to strong acidic.

Isophathalic Resin (ISO)
An economy polyester grating, it outperforms a number of competitive fiberglass products and meets the requirements for corrosion resistance found in all industrial and offshore applications.

Isophathalic Fire Retardant (IFR)
Designed for industrial and chemical processing applications where fire retardancy is required. This isophathatic polyester resin formulation offers a flame spread rating of 25 or less and low smoke as per ASTM E-84 and BS 476 Part 7 Class 1




FRP (Fiber-glass Reinforcement Plastic) is a combination of fiberglass reinforcements and a thermosetting resin system. This special millennium product has been used widely all over the world since it was introduced. As the human being move from the stone age through industrial revolution, FRP set to be the material of the future in this new millennium.

PULTRUSION process pulls continuous glass fiber (Roving) through a liquid resin bath. It is then pulled through a heated shapping die where the resin is solidified to produce a continuous, solid parts of different profile.

The continuous fiberglass resist the stresses of tension, compression and bending provides a higher strength and it creates a reinforced structure system capable of taking the load according to the Recommended Load Deflection Table.

Resin System
The resin systems used in fiberglass grating provide superior resistance to the effects of corrosion and ultraviolet exposure. InTech's uniquely formulated resin systems are also responsible for the grating's fire retardant characteristics. Because various applications present different performance requirements, InTech uses a number of standard resin systems, InTech pultruded grating is offered in three resin formulations, in order to best match the requirements of the specific application.



Profile & Technical Data
Important :
The allowable load is dependent on height of Bearing Bars and the Span of support

Please refer to the loading table in our grating brochures for details





InTech products can be used in either new application or for replacing existing application which is exposed to corrosive environment. The application can be found in all types of industries such as:- Offshore and Onshore, Recreation, Food, Public Facilities, Power Plants, Goverment Properties, Electrical, Oil & Gas, Pollution Control, Chemical, Water/Waste Treatment and Marine.

Installation System

M-Clip is used to secure panels with drilling through to the support structures. It's designed to use two adjacent grating bars for a more secure fit.
G-Clip is designed to attach grating to any Structural Support, with no drilling required. Recommended for offshore projects.



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