Scrubber Tank


Intralink Techno Sdn Bhd, a local FRP manufacturer offers numerous custom made FRP moulded products through the processes such as Contact, RTM & SMC Moulding. These FRP moulded products include Theme Park & Architectural articles, Chequer Plate, Bollard, FRP Seat, Tankages and Vessels, Doors, Wash Basins and etc. Generally, FRP moulded products could offer several advantages such as coated with ISO gel coat, anti-scratch finishing, corrosion resistance, long service life, lightweight structure, ultimate UV protection and others which are unable to be offered by conventional materials such as wood concrete and metal.

Features/ Uniqueness

- Corrosion resistance
- Superior UV protection
- ISO gel coated
- Scratch resistance finishing
- Durability
- Lightweight & high strength
- Field drillable
- Easy to install and handle
- Cost effective
- Design flexibility

INTECH's FRP moulded products are manufactured to have a high strength-to weight ratio than steel, wood or concrete.

INTECH's FRP Products have been tested to comply with major international standards such as BS, ASTM, IEC and others.

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